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Hold Your Nose and Close Your Eyes [Jul. 20th, 2016|12:17 am]
The feature length Benny Hill skit that is British politics at the moment continues apace. I'm still not totally convinced that Andrea Leadsom wasn't a piece of Tory performance art designed to make people who not two weeks ago would have been rightly horrified by the prospect of an unelected Theresa May government go 'oh thank god, an unelected Theresa May government.' And obviously it's no problem that the Labour response to the brief Tory shambles was to go: that's not a shambles, this is a shambles; because it's not like this is an important time to have a functioning opposition or anything. And who even knows what's going to happen with Scotland.


In happier things:

I got to hang out with [personal profile] kmo and her partner when they were in Scotland on holiday last week, and they were lovely and awesome. Really, I ought to have a side hustle in giving tours of Glasgow to American lesbians. Well, so long as your idea of a tour is hanging out in a dive bar with me while I tell you how much nicer Edinburgh is.

It's funny, I was a teenager back in the 90s, when you were never, ever supposed to meet people from online, and even now in the days of Uber and OK Cupid it still quietly delights me when I meet one of you, and it's like see, mum, I was hardly axe-murdered at all.

I started watching Wynonna Earp and it's filling the gap Lost Girl left in my viewing schedule both in that while I'm not sure it's very good, it is good fun, and that it's best viewed in chunks of seven episodes while in bed with a hangover.

Luckily such a hangover presented itself quickly; we were having drinks to celebrate two of my best friends who've been going through the (long, long) process of applying to adopt being approved to become parents. I think the wait is a bit weird for them, because they'll be adopting a kid who's been taken into care, so adding to their family depends on the irretrievable breakdown of someone else's - but they're going to be awesome parents and I get to be an aunt, so. Apparently I was a very helpful character reference, too. I think the adoption process is pretty much the only situation where the phrase 'I'm not homophobic, my best friend is gay' can be uttered on the side of the angels.

I saw Ghostbusters today, and there was literally nothing about it that wasn't delightful.

I know I saw the Ghostbusters movies as a kid; largely because I was the nerdy child of a nerdy father in the 80s, so of course I saw them. But it wasn't a huge part of my childhood, and while I was planning to see the remake, it was at least partly out of spite, and I hadn't been planning to rush. But it was too hot to breathe today (by Scottish standards) and a few hours in an air conditioned cinema sounded about right.

I walked home singing I ain't afraid of no ghost. I want to watch it again. I want to watch its twelve sequels.

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Winter is Here [Jul. 1st, 2016|12:44 am]

I managed to peel myself away from the fall of the British government in real time (good fucking grief) long enough to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones.

I have really, really enjoyed the sixth season, especially after finding season five excessively weak. And I do think that one of the biggest problems with it, and to a lesser extent season four, was that they were pootling around in gentle circles hoping that Martin would publish another book. And that once they gave up on that, it was full steam ahead.

Game of Thrones S6Collapse )

The mildly depressing thing is that as soon as the show overtook the book I felt my interest in eventually reading The Winds of Winter diminishing. Cynically though, I'm pretty sure that any lingering interest GRRM may have had in finishing the series pretty much vanished as soon as the show overtook him.

More cheerfully, I am excited that got_exchange is back up and running just when I'm getting excited about the fandom again.

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And Now For Something Completely Different [Jun. 26th, 2016|12:02 am]
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Because there's only so long you can stare aghast at the BBC news, or overanalyse every word out of Nicola Sturgeon's mouth, let's talk about Person of Interest, which had its finale this week.

My initial reaction to the finale was that the last show I watched to stick its landing so well was Leverage.

Person of InterestCollapse )

I only started watching Person of Interest after season four had finished, at the beginning of the world's longest hiatus, so the show being finished hasn't diminished my fannish feelings for it, I think because aside from these past, like, six weeks the show hasn't been on the air for the entire time I've been a fan of it. Plus, the door has been left open for ALL THE FIC. On that note have some fic recs:

RecsCollapse )

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AO3 Meme [Jun. 24th, 2016|04:21 am]
I know. Two posts in one night, unheard of. But I'm up watching the referendum results come in. Well, I was, but it got too stressful so now I've got an old West Wing DVD on and I'm just tabbing back to the Guardian liveblog, like, every fifteen minutes or so, and pouring more gin. In the meantime--

What’s your first and second most common work ratings?

General (126)
Teen (56)

Plus eleven (11) Mature and zero (0) Explicit, because I am a tiny child, a tiny, kinda ace, thirty something child.

How many fics have you written in each relationship category? Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?

Gen (108)
F/F (85)
F/M (15)
M/M (3)

And my m/m fics are all remixes, too. Slightly surprised that I've written more gen than f/f, though.

What are your top four fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?

Merlin (66)
Doctor Who (Nu Who, 45; Classic Who; 19)
A Song of Ice and Fire (33)
Game of Thrones (16)

Merlin I went Scorched Earth on. Doctor Who I will always think fondly of, but I haven't felt fannishly about since Moffat took over. I have mostly migrated to Person of Interest, but that finished this week, and the sixth season of Game of Thrones has been unexpectedly satisfying and delightful, so I might be migrating back.

What are your top two most used additional tags, and your bottom two? What would happen if you combined all of these into a fic?

Top two:
Remix (15)
Women Being Awesome (13)
Bottom Two:
Lesbian Character (5)
Female Friendship (6)

If you combined them all you'd get the fic I'm currently writing for [community profile] femmeremix.

What are your top four character tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?

Morgana (50)
Gwen (35)
Arthur (34)
Merlin (31)

It's irksome that they're all from a fandom I pretty much hate now. I wonder about those fifteen fics that had Morgana but no Gwen. I'm surprised that I wrote thirty one fics with enough Merlin for him to be a tagged character; even before I hated his stupid gurning face he was never a character I liked.

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Books [Jun. 24th, 2016|01:19 am]

Jane Steele - Lyndsay Faye
The Three - Sarah Lotz
True Pretenses - Rose Lerner
Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel - Sara Farizan
The Just City - Jo Walton
Waiting for Doggo - Mark Mills
League of Dragons - Naomi Novik
Forty Signs of Rain - Kim Stanley Robinson

Jane Steele is a retelling of Jane Eyre (except not really, because the Brontë novel exists in this universe, but Jane Steele's life does mirror Jane Eyre's in odd ways--) where Jane is serial killer of men who hurt women. It is partly historical romance and partly the best kind of feminist propaganda. Highly recommended.

I went back and read The Three after Day Four, and I guess I don't find plane crashes as frighting as I do cut-price cruises because I didn't find The Three nearly as scary. It did explain the end of Day Four to me, so I guess that the author's note that said the books could be read in any order was a fib.

True Pretenses is a so-so historical romance about a jewish conman and the Tory hostess he's initially trying to set up with his brother. I've liked other romances by Rose Lerner, but I think the heroine's noblesse oblige put me off this one.

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel is a frankly adorable YA romance about a teenage Persian American lesbian. Recommended.

The Just City is the second book I've read this year in which Greek Gods do weird things for odd reasons (the first was Fifteen Dogs, where they cursed dogs with sentience); in this Athena and Apollo decide to actually give the Republic from Plato a dry run, and pluck people from throughout history to populate it. This has fascinating things to say about slavery, and gender, and interiority; and it's so unexpectedly rapey in places that it was a bit like being slapped in the face with a kipper. I don't know-- I have the sequel but I think I'll give it some time before getting to it.

One of my guilty reading pleasures are books about dogs. Waiting for Doggo sees a wankstain of a dude character navigate his overpaid upper middle class non-job, his girlfriend leaving him, and sleeping with her sister with the help of his rescue dog. He could have been navigating all that with the help of a rescue pterodactyl and I still wouldn't have given a flying fuck.

League of Dragons was a fitting end to the Temeraire series. It was a bit packed trying to resolve the, you know, Napoleonic War and trying to cram in cameos by pretty much every character of note from the previous eight books, but at least it didn't meander like some of the books in the middle of the series. I've really enjoyed this series and I'm glad I gave it my time, but I feel like it could have been three books shorter and nothing of value would have been lost; would anyone miss that interminable Australia book? All the same, recommend the series as a whole, for Napoleonic dragons if nothing else.

Forty Signs of Rain is about catastrophic climate change (a subject on which I am generally a captive audience), except mostly it's about this scientist who's obsessed with sociobiology (ugh) thinking gross things about women. And just when it was getting interesting - there was a tiger, some Tibetan monks, and two small children trapped in a suburban house by a flood - it ended. I hate it when books turn out to unexpectedly be the first in a series; you should have to announce that shit on page one. I googled it, and it looks like the sequel is mostly about gross scientist guy, so-- meh.

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On a more cheerful note, Game of Thrones [Jun. 7th, 2016|12:24 am]
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...that is, in fact, a subject line I actually wrote.

The Broken ManCollapse )

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Um... [Jun. 4th, 2016|11:27 pm]
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I have spent an outrageous amount of time this week trying to process my feelings on this last episode of Person of Interest. It's really thrown me, and I don't think I'll know exactly how I feel until I see the final three episodes.

The Day The World Went AwayCollapse )

tl;dr? Here are my feelings in the form of fic about the low-key, underrated friendship between Sameen Shaw and Lionel Fusco; also an AI with multiple personalities: You Are Part Of A Machine (you are not a human being)

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Fandom Housekeeping [May. 27th, 2016|12:42 am]

I have signed up for [community profile] femmeremix and think you should too.

As I was trying to figure out which fandoms I qualified in I realised that I have written a bunch of fic over the past few months that I never linked to here, so.

Turn Around Three Times Before Dying (Person of Interest, Root/Shaw)
Failure to bond with your daemon was one of the major diagnostic criteria for an Axis-II personality disorder.

I had been toying with writing a PoI daemon AU for a while, and couldn't quite make it work until I hit upon: Sameen Shaw has a daemon, and is really fucking pissed off about it.

(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Game of Thrones, Margaery/Brienne)
Arianne’s pansexual quasi-incestuous drama had always managed to put whatever lesbian drama Margaery was dealing with into perspective.

The unasked for modern AU where Margaery is the heiress to a political dynasty, and while getting over her breakup from the deeply closeted Sansa Stark, she develops a crush on her painfully shy new bodyguard.

Gotten Used To Coffee Sweats (Jessica Jones, Jessica/Trish)
Trish woke to discover that when Jessica had encountered a warm body in her unconscious attempts to construct a blanket fort she had simply folded Trish into its construction.

The one where Jess and Trish are exes, because of course they fucking are; also there's bed sharing.

Supergirl vs. the Bullies (Supergirl)
“I just mean that I was bullied when I was Carter’s age–”
“You shock me, Keira,” said Ms Grant, plumbing depths of sarcasm with which Kara was only passingly familiar.

Probably my only foray into Supergirl fic; I adore the show, it's like candy-floss for the eyeballs, but I don't feel particularly fannish about it.

Twenty-Eight Days Earlier (Person of Interest)
Shaw found Root’s lack of squeamishness when it came to looting corpses refreshing.

A continuation of my PoI zombie AU.

the wanting comes in waves (A Song of Ice and Fire, Arianne/Tyene)
You cannot poison a predator with her own venom, sweet cousin.

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Things I have been putting in my eyeballs [May. 23rd, 2016|01:27 am]
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-Agent Carter has been officially cancelled. And, well, season two was ten episodes of television that I... watched. There were good things about it; the Peggy and Dottie team up was excellent, and Whitney Frost was a good villain. But mostly it was hamstrung by a change of setting that never quite came off, and bogged down in unnecessary love triangles.

I don't know, maybe a lot of viewers main interest in Peggy always was 'who will Mr Agent Carter be?' and not 'so how did the founding of SHIELD go down?' or 'I would like to see Director Carter in action, please.' I liked Daniel fine as Peggy endgame love interest, and had since mid season one, but Peggy's love life was never what I was interested in.

It's a pity, I suppose, given how crazy I was about the first season, that my reaction to the cancellation wasn't 'it's a shame we won't be getting a season three' but instead 'I'm not sure we should ever have gotten a season two.'

At least, between this and being so very underwhelmed by Civil War I am now free of whatever tenuous interest I had in the non-Netflix MCU. My interest in the Netflix shows is being upheld by the prospect of Luke Cage and a second series of Jessica Jones; and maybe The Defenders, depending on how annoyed I am by Matt by then.

-Speaking of things I am probably free of, I kept up with The 100 until the S3 finale and I think I'm done now. The 100 3x16Collapse )

Anyway, the back half of the season was pretty incoherent even from a show not noted for its narrative coherence. So, yeah, that was a weird, whiplash-y fandom fling.

-I was a wee bit nervous for the sixth season of Game of Thrones, as the show was finally going to overtake the books, but I've really enjoyed the first half of the season; I will forgive a lot for a bit of narrative momentum.

GoT 6x01-6x04Collapse )

-The final season of Person of Interest is finally airing, although I don't understand the schedule. First a hiatus that lasts forever and a day, and then burning through the episodes in some sort of incoherent, impossible to keep up with way. I have mixed feelings about the new canon; on the one hand, yay, new episodes; on the other, I am so not ready for this show to be over, and I kind of wish I was getting more time to process the new episodes. Particularly the Shaw episode, which blew. my. fucking. mind.

PoI 5X04Collapse )

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Books [May. 19th, 2016|02:04 pm]

We had a brief heatwave here last week and I discovered that my dog likes licking sunscreen off my skin; other things she likes the taste of are: perfume, hand lotion, antiseptic cream, soap, and shower gel. An oft heard refrain in out house is: "Stop licking me, I've just got out of the shower!"

It also meant that I got quite a bit of reading done in various gardens (mine; assorted beer).

The House of Shattered Wings - Aliette de Bodard
Armada - Ernest Cline
The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo
Sweet Disorder - Rose Lerner
Day Four - Sarah Lotz
In the Labyrinth of the Drakes - Marie Brennan

The House of Shattered Wings is set in Paris after a magical WWI equivalent; the broken cityscape is controlled by fallen angels who are both powerful rulers and, basically, currency because their body parts are the source of magic. The worldbuilding is fascinating, the writing is gorgeous, and there are a lot of background same-sex relationships, and I just... could not get into it.

I think it was a combination of revolving POVs and not immediately sympathetic or likeable characters. I never warmed to Philippe the way I did to Selene and Madeline, and every time the narration switched back to him I would stall out. Filed under: things I wanted to like more I did.

Speaking of things I expected to like more than I ultimately did, having eaten Ready Player One up with a spoon I was disappointed in Ernest Cline's next offering. Armada is about a video game where the player fights off an alien invasion, and being a hotshot at the game comes in handy when oddly similar aliens come knocking at earth's door.

The good: it was a quick, fun read, and like Ready Player One there was a lot of geeky joy to be found in 'I understood that reference' moments.

The bad: it was lazy. Literally everything about this book was lazy. The protogonist's father really had faked his own death to become a highly classified war hero. There was a manic pixie geek girl who our hero picked up in five minutes flat using his word perfect knowledge of Aliens quotes. Being a hotshot pilot in a videogame automatically translated to being a hotshot pilot in the real world. The alien invasion plot was painfully lazy, and I kept waiting for a twist that never came.

It was like someone was trying to smoosh Ender's Game and Galaxy Quest together, and if you think those sound like two tonally inconsistent things then you'd be right.

I turned to a nordic thriller from the library for a change of pace. The Redbreast was, er, fine, if a little slow; it was six-hundred pages long and nobody died until page two-hundred. Well, it flashed back to the eastern front during WWII, so obviously lots of people died, but it was page two-hundred before anyone we cared about died. And 'he had multiple personality disorder all along...' I don't think has ever been a satisfying conclusion to anything, and makes the book feel more dated than it probably is.

Sweet Disorder is a regency romance with a plus-sized heroine, and the hero is saved from being yet another wounded soldier with a heart of gold by his hitherto undiscovered submission kink. The historical romance genre continues to provide me with more hits than misses.

Day Four is a horror set on a budget cruise liner, which in addition to the inherent horror of being on a budget cruise (A+ use of setting) has a murder, ghosts, an outbreak of noro, and being adrift at sea. I... wasn't sure about the ending. Not that I'm necessarily against the surprise alternate universes, I just thought it could have used more groundwork. But I understand that this is kind of a duology with The Three, so maybe it'll work better for me once I've read that one.

I continue to adore Marie Brennan's chronicles of a pseudo-victorian lady dragon naturalist, but as much as I'm enjoying them I was quite pleased to discover that The Labyrinth of the Drakes is book four of five, because I feel like the series is coming to its natural conclusion (Isabella finally became Lady Trent in this one); plus I'm just grateful when fantasy writers know when to call it a day.

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