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Brief Game of Thrones Thoughts [Apr. 22nd, 2019|10:42 pm]
A Knight of the Seven KingdomsCollapse )

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A Brief Game of Thrones Post [Apr. 16th, 2019|02:04 am]
The first episode of season eight and I have watched my first legally obtained episode of Game of Thrones - by finagling a dinner invitation from my friends who pay for the channel. Er, yay?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly About WinterfellCollapse )

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Things I Have Been Putting In My Eyeballs [Apr. 12th, 2019|12:57 am]
The Miseducation of Cameron Post movie popped up on my Netflix recommendations. Good job for once, Netflix algorithm, as that is one of my favourite books of all time. It's funny, but when I read the book the pray away the gay camp was the part I was least invested in. The minutiae of being a wee baby lesbian in the nineties spoke to me on an almost cellular level, and the save a horse, ride a cowgirl stuff was wish fulfilment. But by the time I was coming out to my family the pedophile priest scandal had broken years before and my mum had experienced something that was less a crisis of faith than a car crash of faith, and her obvious but unspoken discomfort with my sexuality wasn't religious in nature, so the pray away the gay stuff was pretty alien to me, but obviously if you were going to make a movie that's what you'd focus on. And it's a great movie that I highly recommend.


Another thing that popped up was Suicide Squad. I almost watched Suicide Squad back in late 2016 when I was avoiding current affairs for, ahem, obvious reasons and catching up on my comic book movies. My sister told me not to watch it, that I wouldn't like it, that I would object to the objectification of Harley Quinn. She was wrong. The objectification of Harley Quinn was the only good bit. It did not, however, do anything to make up for everything that was wrong with the movie, to whit: the Joker, the weird hula hooping villain, the Joker, there being a character called Captain Boomerang, the Joker, somehow Captain frickin' Boomerang being one of the better characters, the Joker, the weirdly incongruous soundtrack that was doing its best to convince me I was having more fun than I was, and whatever that fuck was going on with Jared Leto's fucking Joker.

Thank the ever loving frick that someone at DC recovered from their collective aneurysm long enough to cancel the Harley & the Joker rom-com movie that was mooted.


I watched Love Death + Robots, which whenever I'm talking about I keep accidentally calling Sex, Death & Robots. I watched them all in one go with my mate who needed a diversion the day that his dog was in at the vet's being fixed. I think that must be a thing with dudes who own boy dogs; like, when I took Freya to be fixed I was sad about leaving her at the vet's and I worried about her going under the anaesthetic, but I wasn't having an existential crisis about having her uterus yoinked out.

Anyway, we watched Love Death + Robots and in places it had that thing that a lot of adult animation does, where they went 'ooh, we could put bums in this' and then went totally overboard on the bums. And like all anthologies it was hit and miss in places, but for me it had more hits than misses. My favourite was the bumless and delightfully self-explanatory When The Yogurt Took Over, and my second favourite was the mostly bumless and equally delightful Hitler killing simulator Alternate Histories.

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I Don't Care for The Witcher and Other Gaming Misadventures [Apr. 8th, 2019|11:20 pm]
My mate who first got me into video games got me The Witcher III: Wild Hunt as a present. And not only was it a gift, but the entire world talks about it like it's the greatest game ever made, plus on paper it sounds like exactly what I said I wanted in game - big open world, character focused, not a shooter. And I just Cannot Get Into It. I've tried. I've played the opening five or six hours, like, three times, and it just does nothing for me. Part of it is the inventory menu, which no matter how hard I try just scans to me like an excel spreadsheet. And part of it is the characters; I just don't enjoy being Geralt - not in the way I enjoyed being Peter Parker or Kassandra or Aloy - I think he's kind of a gross dude.

Speaking of Aloy... I have piss poor vision in one of my eyes. Wait, this will relate back to Horizon Zero Dawn, honest. So I have really bad vision in one eye, and I could have got it fixed when I was little but I was a pretty sick kid and my mum decided that one more surgery would be just one too many things. So I never got it fixed, and that was okay because I see fine out of the other eye. And then a couple of months ago I woke up and my good eye was swollen shut, and I went: Oh no! My seeing eye! I need that to see with! It was fine, it was a weird allergic reaction thing, but I thought I should finally see an optician about my bad eye. And while I can't do anything to improve its sight at this point, I got a bunch of exercises to do to stop it deteriorating worse, and looking it up online it seemed like another thing I could do to help was play video games (yay!) particularly shooty ones (boo!). I cannot hit the side of a barn in a shooter; like I said, bad eyes. But I remembered you guys talking about Horizon Zero Dawn back when I was asking for game recs, and I thought if I'm ever going to force myself through a game that's ninety percent archery it'll be for the sake of Ygritte the wildling fighting robot dinosaurs.

I frickin' loved Horizon Zero Dawn. I love Aloy. I love how everyone loves Aloy. For some reason everybody loving the protagonist is much more tolerable in games than it is in other mediums; probably because you're going: Why, yes, I am that awesome. Thank you for noticing. There aren't romance options in the game, but if there had been I would have romanced Petra, and not just because Nil looks like Jared Leto and it's creepy. I even loved the combat even though I was not good at it and cheesed my way past most of the bigger robots by hiding somewhere inaccessible and knocking their health down one tiny arrow ping at a time. In fact the only thing I didn't like was the climbing mechanics, and at one point I tried to reason with the game by saying out loud to my tv: Look, that's clearly a perfectly climbable ledge. Still, I picked up The Frozen Wilds expansion on sale today, and I'm really looking forward to being back in the world.

I think I actually got a little better at aiming through playing it, because I had another go at Rise of the Tomb Raider and got further with the auto-aim off than I ever got with it on. Less because my aim was actually any better but more because I wasn't walking face first into fire fights and had by then realised that I was meant to hide behind the convenient crates and chest high walls that the developers had thoughtfully left scattered about the place. Video game literacy is a thing, I guess.

Because I'd liked Assassin's Creed: Odyssey so much I picked up Origins on the cheap. I liked it fine, although a lot less than Odyssey. It felt a little disjointed; like, if it really wanted to be game about the founding of the Assassins it should have been about Aya, as she seemed to be the one who actually founded them. Except - and I am basing this entirely on two games and that half a movie that I watched the day the Netflix algorithm decided that I had somehow wronged it - the Assassin's lore is the very worst part of the games. It took me ages to realise that 'Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted' was the motto of the Assassins and not the Templars; I had a proper Mitchell & Webb moment of 'Are we the bad guys?' because it does sound like a very bad guy kind of a slogan. So, I suppose Bayek dealing with his grief by trying to become all of Egypt's dad actually made for a better and more compelling character arc. I will say though, that Bayek being a basically decent dude kind of took the fun out of all the carefree murder that I'd so enjoyed in Odyssey.

Ooh, my Frozen Wilds download is finished. See you in twelve to fifteen hours of gameplay.

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Sundries [Apr. 6th, 2019|02:02 pm]
I'm not long getting over having the flu. I'd never had the flu before; I'd had bad colds that I'd called the flu as a sort of shorthand for 'it's not just the sniffles, I'm really sick', but I'd never had the actual flu. Actual flu sucks, but I think that I dealt with it pretty gracefully. That's not true; I handled it with all the good grace of a thirty-something woman, who lives alone, had never had the flu before, and thought she was dying.

Apparently, and I have no memory of this, I completely freaked out at my mum, when she offered to take the dog to stay with her for a couple of days because I, sky high with fever, thought she was trying to steal my dog.

I ended up taking a bunch of time off work because - and I'm sure I'm not the only one - my work has an official policy of 'don't come in when you're sick, we work with a lot of very vulnerable people and we don't you spreading your germs around.' And and unofficial policy of ' if you're not coming in we want a note from a medical professional and an immediate relative confirming that you've died.'

Like, if they'd been less arsey about it I would have gone back as soon I felt up to it; instead I went 'well, I've got this doctor's note and I'm going to use it to stay home and play video games while wearing my duvet like a cape.'


My 2019 efforts to drink less were given a little boost by the crap ton of dental surgery I had in february. Look, there is very little good to be gleaned in dental surgery, even before you're measuring it by the crap ton so I'm taking my boons where I can. I was prescribed a two week course of the antibiotics you absolutely cannot mix with alcohol unless you want to end up in A&E trying to puke up your own pancreas. You can't even use cough bottle or alcoholic mouthwash when you're on them.

This led to a hilarious evening after I accidentally ate a mouthful of maderia cake and spent the rest of the night wondering if my tummy felt weird because I'd triggered a reaction to my absolutely no alcohol whatsoever antibiotics, or if my tummy felt weird because I was on the edge of a panic attack because I was worried that I'd triggered a reaction to my absolutely no alcohol whatsoever antibiotics.

I was fine. It was a panic attack, and my brain is weird.


For the last little while tumblr was becoming increasingly awkward to use on my not exactly spring chicken devices. It stopped working at all on phone, and wouldn't let me reblog from my tablet. So although I will miss the illusion of interaction it provided (though hopefully this will encourage me towards actual interaction elsewhere) and immediately knowing any time that two fictional women from any media whatsoever touched lips I decided to just let my queue run down and then abandon it.

I assumed no longer mindlessly scrolling though my dash would free up a load of time to be productive. That was very much not the case. For a while there the time I was spending mindlessly watching youtube videos expanded to fill my available free time. But as soon as I started watching videos about gaming (even though I was doing my best to make sure I was watching decent human beings) the youtube algorithm decided to recommend me conspiracy theories about the Captain Marvel box office and a series called - alas, I kid you not - Jacob Rees Mogg owns the libtards. Feel free to take a minute to experience a full body shudder; God knows I did. So the youtube algorithm can fuck the entire way off.


Fuck even knows what's happening with brexit.

Someone asked me the other day how I thought the whole thing was going to end; except earlier we'd been talking about the final series of Game of Thrones, and I'd spaced out and hadn't realised the topic of conversation had changed.

So I said 'I think the dragons will swoop in and burn everything to the ground', and everyone just nodded, like, sure seems as likely as anything else at this point.

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The Marvellous Captain Marvel [Mar. 8th, 2019|08:49 pm]
I went to the midnight opening last night, and because I am old now and need my full eight hours I haven't been to a midnight showing of anything since, gosh, Wonder Woman.

Captain MarvelCollapse )

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Things and Stuff [Feb. 1st, 2019|08:05 pm]
-Well, I just kind of disappeared for the whole month of January there, didn't I. Er, Happy New Year! This is not my usual end of the month books post, because I haven't read anything this January. I read 89 books in 2018, and so far in 2019 I'm 0 for 12. Jeepers, this feels wrong.

So, instead here is a list of the 10 best books I read last year:

The Radium Girls - Kate Moore
Dogs of War - Adrian Tchaikovsky
Grey Sister & Red Sister - Mark Lawrence
Tell it to The Bees - Fiona Shaw
White Houses - Amy Bloom
The Feather Thief - Kirk Wallace Johnson
Gnomon - Nick Harkaway
The Silence of the Girls - Pat Barker
A Study in Scarlet Woman - Sherry Thomas

-Despite it only being February I'm pretty sure I've already seen my two favourite movies of the year; in fact I think I saw them on New Year's Day when my hangover and I took ourselves off to see a double feature of Into the Spider-Verse and The Favourite. Much like how Lego Batman was the best Batman movie I'm pretty sure Into the Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man movie, and made me want to read all the Spider-Gwen comics. Actually, comics trades might be a good way to get me over the loop of 'haven't read a book in a while, must read a book, any book, too many books' that I've gotten myself stuck in of late.

I'm not sure that being sad that Queen Anne and Lady Sarah couldn't work it out was the right way to watch The Favourite, but insert shrug emoji here. I watched it with my sister and round about the point where I was saying that I thought the final scene was meant to indicate that Anne knows Abigail's feelings for her are as much of a fiction as her efforts to replace her children with the rabbits she looked at me and went: 'Shut up, you giant lesbian nerd.' Ah, siblings.

-I haven't been watching much telly, but I had mixed feelings about this last third season of The Good Place. Jeremy Bearimy was possibly the best episode the show has ever done, but so much of it (the soul squad; they're alive again, now they're not) seemed to be running in circles. And I feel like the finale would have landed more with me if I cared more about Eleanor/Chidi. Like, they're fine, but the show has been dragging them out for so long that at this stage they either need to let them be together or do something new and different. And I'm not saying that the new and different thing has to be Eleanor/Tahani, but. I am glad that Janet/Jason finally came around again as they are the het pairing I really care about on this show.

-Relatedly the best Eleanor/Tahani fic I have ever read is: the pleasure principle by [archiveofourown.org profile] yasaman

-The reason I haven't been watching much, or reading anything, and have become only passingly familiar with the, you know, outside are these pesky video game things. I finally finished Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, or as I have taken to calling it the Xena: Warrior Princess cum Wonder Woman simulator of my heart. It took me one hundred and forty six hours. Is that a long time? I've lost perspective.

It's funny, because even though I hadn't bought it and as such never have to play it, I found myself really bummed out by the baby plot in the dlc. My mate who got me into gaming pre-ordered Fallout 76, the hundred quid special edition with the complementary shopping bag, so I learned the never pre-order anything until you know what it is lesson by proxy. Maybe I had just been lulled into a false sense of security an/or entitlement by the game seeming to pander so much to me. And, obviously, the line you won't have to role play any romances you're not comfortable with turning out to mean you won't have to play gay if you don't want to is bad. But the thing that was really brain and immersion breaking for me, was the idea of Kassandra being pregnant. Like, does she take a year off from her cult hunting to be pregnant? Does she hand the newborn off to its dad and get straight back to base jumping off mountains? And given that I've spent the game base jumping off mountains, isn't it churlish of me to be miffed at the game for its unrealistic take on the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on the female body? I mean, I never have to play that dlc, but I know about it, and I can't unknow it, and it...niggles at me.

-I'm trying to do this thing in 2019 called mindful drinking. The idea of which, at least the way I'm doing it, is that if I want a drink, if I'll really enjoy it and appreciate it, then I'll have one. But if I'm only having one because everyone else is, or to finish the bottle, or because I always a have a beer when the football's on, and I know in my heart of hearts that I'll be just as happy with a coffee or a coke or being able to drive home then I do that instead.

This is working out pretty well so far. Because I really do enjoy a cold pint or a nice dram of whisky, what I don't appreciate so much, or often really notice I'm having, are all those second, third, and fourth drinks, that add up over time, and so far have not been missed.

-I was thinking that the thing I'm most proud of myself for last year was that I made a friend. I am quite awkward - I'll pause here for you to be shocked - and have always had trouble making friends both online and off. The bloke next door, who I have been on nodding terms with for ten years, turns out to not only be a giant nerd but working for the police he works similar sorts of antisocial shifts to me and quite often we have overlapping chunks of useless time in the middle of the day. And we got to talking a bit, because his family got a puppy and I will overcome all kinds of shyness to meet a puppy.

Anyway, one day he goes: 'There's this webcomic, it's a bit indecent, but...'
And I go: 'OGLAF.'

And now we're buddies. That's how you make a friend, right? Or it's not how you make friends and is why I've always had trouble making friends? Anyway, I have this friend now, and weeks when we're both on backshift we hang out and binge watch Deep Space Nine, we've just finished season two, and it's nice; not midseason two of Deep Space Nine, which was not the show's nadir, but having a friend.

-British politics still an omnishambles that only gets worse every time May comes out with a new plan that turns out to be the old plan in a wig and dark glasses. And, like, I feel trapped between wanting to be informed and engaged, and not being able to bear to watch.

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December Posting Meme - My Continued Misadventures in Gaming [Dec. 29th, 2018|11:55 am]
My sister has a term - rogue gifter - which applies to an acquaintance you didn't think you were present giving friends with who unexpectedly turns up with a present for you.

I got a wee bit of warning when my neighbour, who had popped round for a cup of tea and a spot of Star Trek, looked at my my little stack of video games and went, oh so nonchalantly: 'So, you don't have The Witcher III? Just checking.' Luckily in the same conversation where he had expressed disbelief that I hadn't played The Witcher III I had expressed disbelief that he hadn't read Good Omens, so a quick trip to Waterstones later and I had a present for him.

Wait. We spend hours hanging out talking geek and recommending things to each other. We're watching Deep Space Nine from the beginning. We are proper friends. I made a new friend this year! At the grand old age of thirty-five. That's cool.

So on Christmas morning it turned out that he'd gotten me a boxset of The Witcher III and Dark Souls III. I am going to die so many times playing Dark Souls. So. Many. Times. I also, from Santa, got Horizon Zero Dawn and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thank you, Santa. I have installed not a single one of these frankly excellent looking games because in early December I bought myself Assassain's Creed: Odyssey as an early Christmas present.

I put down Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game about which I have nothing much to say, except, please God fire whoever was responsible for the home made snuff films that pass for the Lara dies cut scenes, and possibly send someone round to his house to check that he hasn't got a woman chained up under the stairs, and picked up Odyssey.

I am playing as Kassandra. 'Because the voice acting is better?' asked my straight dude gamer friend. 'Er. Ye-es. Because the voice acting is better. No other reasons. At all.' I don't know that I'm much of judge of voice acting yet. Spider-Man and The Last of Us both seemed film quality, and I don't know if it's actually bad in Rise of the Tomb Raider so much as that sort of plummy silver spoon English accent gets right up my nose.

I still can't hit the side of a barn with an arrow, which is fine because I have put all of my skill points into advanced stabbing and picked out a nice axe taller that I am. Which seems to be working out well.

I was going to write this up last week, but I wanted to wait till I'd made a bit more progress in the story. And, er, that hasn't happened. I have been playing for forty hours and I am sort of vaguely aware that there is a story happening way, way over there. The game won't even give me a percentage completion stat on the grounds that I might find it disheartening. But I have totally bought into the role playing aspect, and am just travelling round the map doing mercenary things - like killing most of the people I meet and stealing everything that isn't nailed down. 'Why do these bounty hunters keep hounding me?' I cry. 'Oh, yeah. It's all the murder and theft.' I keep getting notifications to go and collect a reward for offing someone that I wasn't going to be asked to kill till later in the game but I'd just axed in the course of my island wide killing spree.

The other reason it's taking so long is that I'm going most places on foot because I feel so guilty about my weirdly indestructible horse Phobos, who I have ridden off any number of cliffs, into the sea, gotten set on fire, and eaten by bears. And yet keeps coming back. I feel like the horse is in an abusive relationship with Kassandra and needs to be cut loose for his own good.

Because I am doing so much of the side stuff - which mostly involves doing quests for the same three npcs who always seem to get wherever I'm going before me, and yet never seem to remember me from the last seventeen times they employed me - I've mostly been a couple of levels above where I needed to be for where I was on the map. 'Be stealthy' the game's voiceover tries to remind me, as Kassandra kicks down the front gates screaming and axing anyone within reach. The voiceover sighs audibly. I am sure this gameplay approach is fine and will in no way come back to bite me on the bum later in the game.

The other thing I'm doing, because clearly I am not advancing in the story, is romancing the female npcs, which is an neat gimmick, and honestly the only reason I even knew this game was a thing because it was all over my tumblr dash when it first came out.That is one thing I will miss about tumblr, immediately knowing anytime any two fictional women in any media from any country touch lips. I am hit and miss at this part. I tried to seduce Odessa by suggestion she and Kassandra could read together to the reaction of one of the best video game eye-rolls ever animated. I mean, even buff video game me is bad at this. Plus, I kinda wish there was more of a through line to the romance, because it is a neat gimmick, but it does feel very gimmick-y.

Anyway, that's what I've been spending a frightening amount of time on, and I apologise to the, like, 80% of you to whom this post meant nothing.

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Year in Fic Meme [Dec. 17th, 2018|11:20 pm]
incl. one (1) existential crisis; do not mix with alcohol or a broken heart (Legends of Tomorrow, Sara/Ava)
We Should Kiss Like Real People Do (Legends of Tomorrow, Sara/Ava)
Birds of the Eastern Seaboard (Person of Interest, female!Harold Finch)
The Crackpots and These Women (Game of Thrones, Sansa/Margaery)
Better Not Wake The Baby (The Handmaid's Tale, June/Serena)
The Casterly Rock Job (Game of Thrones, Dany/Yara)
And I Fall (Call of the Wild Remix) (A Song of Ice and Fire, Sansa)
Who'll Play Me In The Movie Of Our Lives (Ocean's 8, Amita/Daphne)
Stuck in the Middle (of the Time Stream) With You (Legends of Tomorrow, Sara/Ava)

My Favourite Story This Year?

We Should Kiss Like Real People Do got jossed as soon as S4 started, but I still really like the idea of a relationship between time travellers where five years have passed for one of them while, like, three days have passed for the other. Plus, my summary for this fic was: "Ava, I swear to God that if you're about to tell me that you're Jax's baby momma I'm going to have to take my hand out of your pants." which tells you nothing, but still makes me chuckle.

My Best Story This Year?

The Crackpots and These Women

Okay, I spent a worrying amount of time this year writing a femslash-y Game of Thrones/West Wing/Veep fusion, but at least it was quite a good weird femslash-y Game of Thrones/West Wing/Veep fusion.

Most Surprising Story?

I am a creature of habit, me. So my biggest surprise was that I wrote in not one but three new fandoms this year. Legends of Tomorrow, The Handmaid's Tale, and Ocean's 8.

Most Disappointing Story?

I experienced many, many feelings about Sara/Ava in the first part of the year, and I'd wrote a couple of fics about them comparatively easily. I'd even gone so far as to try and game femslashex sign ups so as to write about them again. So I was bummed when having achieved that I drew a complete blank, panicked, and wrote the fic-by-the-numbers Stuck in the Middle (of the Time Stream) With You at the very last minute.

Favourite First Line?

Serena Joy fucking Waterford.

Favourite Last Line?

"Yes," Harriet had said, with the tight grimace she usually reserved for men who told her to smile, "people often are."

Story Most Unappreciated By The Universe?

Look, I knew the audience for a Dany/Yara criminals AU was going to be, er, a bit limited. Plus, my Dany centric fic always gets a slightly weird reaction because people really hate Dany and feel like they need to tell me this.

Quick tip: if you find yourself starting a comment with I usually hate thing because of many reasons, but write out your comment, and then delete everything up to and including but before hitting post.

But I had so much fun writing The Casterly Rock Job and I wish more people had had fun reading it.

Most Fun Story?

Either The Crackpots and These Women or The Casterly Rock Job.

My new niche is highly specific Game of Thrones modern AUs featuring only female characters with no boys allowed.

Story With The Single Sexiest Moment?

I still don't write explicit sex - not so much out of prudishness as profound indifference - so none of them.

Story With The Single Sweetest Moment?

The sweet, awkward, nonsexual, 'if I don't take my shoes off while we snuggle then we're definitely still broken up' bedsharing in incl. one (1) existential crisis; do not mix with alcohol or a broken heart kind of gets to me.

Hardest Story to Write?

I was especially vexed by The Casterly Rock Job because it was a femslash-y GoT modern AU featuring Dany/Yara that I was a writing for the same person I'd written The Crackpots and These Women a femslash-y GoT modern AU featuring Dany/Yara about a fortnight previously.

One of those exchange matchup SNAFUs, I guess.

Easiest Story to Write?

I rarely write post-ep fics; I'm not often inspired, and even when I am I'm not a quick enough writer. But I, Ava left me with a lot of emotions about Ava, and her feelings, and her feelings about being a clone, and so incl. one (1) existential crisis; do not mix with alcohol or a broken heart happened.

Story I Haven't Written, But Intend To?

I have a half written Arianne/Tyene La Maupin AU that's a lot about my own feelings about my lapsed Catholicism and a half written original piece about lycathropy as metaphor for the menopause and also being Scottish.

They've been on the docket since fandomtrumpshate in, jeepers, January. And because they're for two people I really like (hey, guys) every time I poked at them I went 'nope, not good enough' and got myself stuck in a vicious procrastination cycle.

So, in the new year, I will remember that perfect is the enemy of both good and done, and get them finished up and posted.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story?

None, but then I wrote mostly for exchanges this year - so there was less of my id in stuff.

Story That Shifted My Own Perceptions of the Characters?

Birds of the Eastern Seaboard

I had never really thought about Harold Finch. He was there, and he was necessary for the show to work, and he was fine, but I had no particular opinions on him either way. But when I sat down to figure out how to write him as Harriet Finch I felt like I gained whole new insight into him. There was a reason why its working title was 'Harold Finch and the Unexamined Male Privilege.'

Most "Holy Crap, That's Wrong Even For You" Story?

Serena Joy Waterford is a war criminal, Gilead is the wish she made on an evil monkey's paw, she's a rapist, she's June's rapist. So Better Not Wake The Baby where June and Serena escape to Canada together with their daughter is...iffy, morally speaking. Except June and Serena have this fascinating push pull where they can't ever seem to get out of each other's orbits, where June can't help believing that there's a thimble's worth of decency in Serena, and where she is always, always disappointed. Except, except. Serena let June and the baby go.

This Year's Theme And The Story That Demonstrates It Most?

This years theme is 'meh' and is best demonstrated by everything I wrote.

To be fair, I don't think I wrote anything actively bad this year, but also nothing that topped fair-to-middling.

Looking Back, Did You Write More Fic Than You Thought You Would This Year, Less, or About What You'd Predicted?

Less. I had a big empty stretch at the start of the year when I was either looking after the dog or working all the overtime in the world to pay off her vet's bills. I had another big empty chunk at the end of the year after I'd taken up gaming as a hobby. There was a bit in the middle where I was writing, but even then I was finding it really difficult, and I wasn't happy with anything I wrote.

What Pairing/Genre/Fandom Did You Write That You Would Never Have Predicted in January 2018?

Well, Ocean's 8 wasn't out in January, but even after I saw I might have guessed that I'd write Debbie/Lou, or Debbie/Tammy, or gosh Rose/Daphne, but not Daphne/Amita. The vagaries of exchange matches strike again.

Did You Take Any Writing Risks This Year?

I guess my shiny new remix approach of: Well, there's nothing in the original fic that says this character is not a werewolf, as demonstrated in And I Fall (Call of the Wild Remix), was a bit out there.

Do You Have Any fanfic Goals For The New Year?

I want to enjoy writing again!

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December Posting Meme - Legends of Tomorrow [Dec. 14th, 2018|06:45 pm]
Ah, Legends of Tomorrow, the little show that could.

I don't watch any of the other shows set in the same universe. I've never seen a single episode of Arrow or The Flash, I watched the first two seasons of Supergirl before drifting away, and I didn't even know that Constantine had had a show before he fetched up on Legends. My point is that you don't have to have watched any of the other shows to follow Legends of Tomorrow. You barely have to watch Legends of Tomorrow to follow Legends of Tomorrow. It's bananapants. It's delightful. Just go with it.

The first season is...not good. I watched it all in a single chunk overnight during -- it was either the brexit referendum or the US presidential, flicking back to the BBC between episodes in the hope that the world had righted itself. Alas. Now, I'm not saying that the first season is without bright spots; the 1958 episodes are a bit okay, and possibly worth circling back to, but I wouldn't start with any of it.

I don't know what happened behind the scenes between seasons, but I feel like there was a meeting where one exec says to another: I worry that we've made a bad show, my guy.
Should we do something about it, then? says the other chap.
Yes, says the first bloke, we're going to steer hard into the skid.

Season two starts with the Legends fighting laser wielding time pirates in broad daylight in the fifteenth century while Sara seduces the queen of France the day she's supposed to conceive the sun king. It set the new tone, and set it hard

All the the things I'd liked least about the first season - the hawk people, Arthur Darvill's Tenth Doctor cosplay, Snart - were pretty much written out. The hawk people were never spoken of again. Snart stayed dead. In retrospect I wonder if my antipathy towards Leonard was that they seemed to be teasing Snart/Sara, because I liked gay alternate universe Leo fine. What can I say, I am lesbian of simple wants who enjoys watching Sara Lance macking on ladies. The show belated realised that Sara should have been the lead all along and promoted her to captain. Actually one of the other things I was less than keen on in S1 was Sara's angsty, I am death backstory, and I have never felt moved to go back and watch her episodes of Arrow for more details. She was an assassin for a while. She was dead for another while. And now she is dashing Captain Sara Lance, bad babysitter turned team mom who is only incrementally more mature than the ducklings she has been left in charge of, but is trying her best.

The plots are like someone is using tv tropes as a checklist, but in, like, a knowing, self-aware way.

Here I shall include a brief list of taster episodes:

Abominations - The Legends fight confederate zombies
Camelot/3000 - The Legends go to Camelot; Guinevere rules, Sara is Lancelot, and Merlin is a girl
Helen Hunt - The Legends meet Helen of Troy, also Wonder Woman exists in this universe
Here I Go Again - Time loop!
Wet Hot American Bummer - De-aging, and an awesome meta bit where the show contrives to have a character read aloud one of their terrible season one reviews. Even they know they were a bit shit back then.

But if you only want to watch two episodes make them Beebo the God of War and The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly. There is nothing I could say that could possibly do them justice.

The other thing I really like is the ever rotating cast and how the show makes me okay with it - I didn't love Nate or Zari when they first joined the crew of the Waverider but now they're my faves. Along with, it must be said, literally everyone else. The phrase 'I love everyone in this bar' was basically designed for this show. I was severely miffed when Constantine and his Newcastle-by-way-of-Wales accent joined the crew, because he so very much not a character type I appreciate, but right around the time he finished pouring out his romantic woes to cat!Zari by going 'you're so soft' I decided I was all in for him. And although I started the season rooting for him and Gary (everyone deserves love, no matter how silly) I hope he manages to save Des. And, actually, now that I'm thinking about it, between John/Desmond and Sara/Ava the show has done a same-sex true love's kiss breaks the spell twice in the space of five episodes.

Speaking of Sara/Ava I was iffy about giving Sara a serious love interest because I'd loved her as a sort of time travelling fuckboy with a girl in every century. But I thought they did the transition from antagonists to lovers to basically time wives really well. Although I did like that they ended S3 on a sort of ambiguous note for them, feeling that they'd learned a lesson from Supergirl on not going all in on a ship before checking they can get the actor back.

So that's Legends of Tomorrow. A bit like Lost Girl with its tropes and gayness, only better. A bit like Doctor Who, with its time travel and silliness, only with episodes produced on a more regular schedule. A show that more people should watch, and then come and talk to me about.

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