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The Marvellous Captain Marvel - Smile. It confuses people [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Marvellous Captain Marvel [Mar. 8th, 2019|08:49 pm]
I went to the midnight opening last night, and because I am old now and need my full eight hours I haven't been to a midnight showing of anything since, gosh, Wonder Woman.

I expected to feel more hyped for the first female fronted MCU film. I certainly felt that way about Wonder Woman three years ago. But that was three years ago. And Marvel took so long to get here, and was so squirrely in avoiding it for so long, that my reaction was more: let's ignore the fact that it took you so long to get here and try to embrace the fact that you turned up at all.

That said, I loved the film. I really liked Brie Larson's Carol; I totally bought into her physicality in the role, and while I've seen people saying the humour didn't land for them, her dryness and drollness made the movie laugh out loud funny in places for me. I really liked Nick Fury for the first time, and the de-aging tech was so much more convincing than I ever would have expected. And while obviously Monica has two mommies my otp of the movie is Fury and his pampered pet cat that no one at SHIELD ever, ever talks about.

I read somewhere that your taste in music gets set when you are about fourteen; I was born in '83, so I'm exactly the right age for the music in Captain Marvel to do for me what the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mixes did for other people. I'm actually listening to the soundtrack right now, which, as I've listened to nothing but the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack since January, is causing the spotify algorithm spasms of confused anguish. The mid 90s were also when I had my baby lesbian awakening so obviously Brie Larson in flannel and that NIN t-shirt did, um, things to me. I had that t-shirt. I miss that look.

I was talking to a friend today about whether or not he should see the movie, and I said he absolutely should, but also that I didn't know how much stock he should put in my bubbling enthusiasm as if this movie had been made for an audience of one, then I would be that one.

As much as I loved the music, the fight set to Just A Girl was a bit... on the nose. Immigrant Song from Ragnarok it was not. If it had been me, I would have set that fight to Come As You Are. Actually, the editing in a bunch of places was a bit odd; there was a montage of Carol getting knocked down but ultimately always getting back up, that had been in one of the trailers and edited much more effectively there.

In the last third of the movie I found myself a little unsure as to what Carol's power set actually was (aside from all of them) and found myself a bit worried they are going with Scarlet Witch's ill-defined industrial light and magic powers that are whatever and however strong/weak the plot needs them to be. Like, did she know she could do all that, or was it as much of a surprise to Carol as it was meant to be to the audience?

I've been thinking that Captain Marvel doesn't have the super obvious girl power moment like Diana crossing no-man's land in Wonder Woman, and that my absolute favourite feminist moment is maybe one that might go over some dude's heads. And it's when Yon-Rogg tells Carol that to truly prove herself she'll have to fight him hand to hand without using her powers, and Carol just freakin' photon blasts him in the chest, because no random internet man Jude Law, I don't have to play by the stupid arbitrary rules that you've just made up.

Unfortunately both the mid credits scene and the teaser they showed before the movie just reinforced just how little I care about Endgame. My indifference to Tony Stark, and what has between Civil War and Infinity War evolved into actual antipathy to Steve Rogers are what has always kept me to the more far flung corners of the MCU. Coincidentally my favourite Marvel dude is Scott Lang. My favourite marvel hero is Carol Danvers.

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